About Us

BleyerShoes.com is a UK based online-only retail website owned by The Swing Dance Company Limited, which specialises in Bleyer's fantastic range of niche footwear.

In The Beginning...

The Swing Dance Company began in the early 2000s, teaching adult evening jive and swing classes in the UK. Our team were already fans of Bleyer jive and swing shoes. Soon our local dancing customers were also demanding suitable dance footwear. As Bleyer supplied the most appropriate footwear, we quickly built a relationship with Bleyer Gmbh in Germany so we could retail to our local dancers.

Introducing Bleyershoes.com

Having built SwingGear.co.uk as an online store for our expanding customer base of UK jive and swing customers, demand grew quickly from elsewhere. Not only were we receiving orders from around the world, but also from fans of Bleyer products in other niches such as equestrian vaulting, eurythmy and gymnastics. As a result, a dedicated Bleyer store was created and Bleyershoes.com was first introduced in 2009. It continues to serve individuals, groups and companies from around the world.