Bleyer International Shoe Size Conversion

For Guidance Only - See Below

Comparing shoe sizes is tricky, even famous brands can't agree on sizes.

Below is our international size conversion guide, including measurements of the internal footbeds of shoes produced on the Unisex Bleyer lasts. Please appreciate that this is for guidance only and not in any way a guarantee.

Years of Feedback - Analyzed

The information in this table has been constructed based on feedback from international customers over nearly 20 years.

We continually analyze returns data to identify any patterns. This info helps us provide better guidance to you and reduce the risk of you needing to make returns in the future.

Your Feet Are Complicated!

We know that sizing is not easy. Everybody's complex, 3-D feet change constantly. Keep in mind that when you try shoes on, cold feet are smaller, your feet will get larger when you are warmed up and active.

Feet also change as we age, with feet tending to flatten and spread over time.