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The Bleyer Rock’n’Roll is a two-tone lace-up shoe with brogue detailing.

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    7134 RocknRoll Sections 7134 RocknRoll Sections

    This is the narrow flash (or vamp) section, adjacent to the toe section. On a standard black & white Rock'n'Roll, this is white. 

    This is the section of material containing the eyelets for the laces. It is black on a standard black & white Rock'n'Roll shoe.

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Bleyer Rock’n’Roll shoes are light and stylish swing dance shoes with brogue details, giving them a retro look!

Available in various colours and two finishes, these are one of our most popular styles for dancers – male and female.

Our standard matt pairs come in genuine soft black or brown leather teamed with white Durasoft, a soft, durable and popular alternative to leather.  An all-black version of the shoe uses the same leather with black Durasoft. The black and white patent is an all synthetic leather alternative, making it a good ‘off the shelf’ vegan-friendly choice.

Usually fitted with Bleyer Spin Spot soles,  though suede soles are available as standard on certain colourways.

There is some built-in heel padding and a thin carpet, but there is no fitted insole so Bleyer does recommend adding Bleyer Leather Insole (code 4423) with these shoes.  Some dancers prefer to ‘feel the floor’, in which case you would not need an extra insole, but for those who prefer a softer impact on your joints whilst dancing please do add the leather insole to your basket.

Bleyer Rock’n’Roll is available as standard in Bleyer size 37 to 46 (covering UK 3 to 10).

You can choose to pay a modest extra fee to design your own special pair of Rock ‘n’ Rolls!  Pick from a wide variety of colour combinations to make them truly your own!

Custom Orders are a one-off production, so they do take a little longer to produce.

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Returns Policy

Standard Items:

Exchanges will be accepted on the condition that items have only been worn to test for good fit and they are in a perfect condition. Shoes should only be tried on a clean carpeted surface for long enough to determine whether they are a good fit. All returns must be in an identical condition to which they were supplied by us and a completed returns document enclosed.

All returns must be sent back to us within 28 days of the goods being delivered. Payment for return postage is your responsibility. You are responsible for the item until it is received at our return address, to protect yourself against goods being mislaid during the return delivery we recommend that you used a tracked and signed service with sufficient insurance. When you request to exchange a product, once we have received your item we send out the replacement items at our own expense, to the original delivery destination.

Nov-Jan Holiday Period Returns For Standard Items:

We understand that many items purchased during November and December are seasonal presents and the recipient won’t know whether the items fit until the festive day. Purchase your gifts with confidence! Standard products purchased between 1st November and 31st December can be returned subject to normal terms and conditions at any time up to 31st Jan the following year. 

Exclusions for Custom Orders:

All items ordered with customizations are produced on the strength of your order, using the exact specification supplied. Therefore, custom Order items cannot be cancelled, amended or returned, so it is essential that you are satisfied that all details such as size, colour, finish and sole selection are correct when placing your order. Custom Orders are normally subject to an additional charge and a delay of 4-8 weeks for production.

Spin Spot Sole

The Spin Spot Sole is a single-piece flat sole, which helps you stay closer to the ground and feel the floor whilst dancing. The sole has remained popular with jive and swing dancers for many years and is ideal as a practice shoe. It has enough movement to help you slide, swivel and glide easily across the floor, as the name suggests there is even a spin spot!

The Spin Spot sole is produced in Bleyer sizes from 35-47. If you are purchasing a size smaller than 35 or larger than 47 that normally takes a Spin Spot Sole then your shoe will normally be fitted with a flat EVA sole instead. This is also synthetic and feels very similar when dancing.

Versatile Sole

Both the Spin Spot sole and the EVA sole will give you more sure-footed confidence than leather or suede when the dancefloor is slippy, and the Bleyer soles will cope with a wider range of surfaces. For example, they will tolerate being worn outdoors, afterwards, they can be wiped down ready for your next dancing. The Spin Spot Sole is made from a special non-staining, PU composite.

Styles Using Spin Spot Sole As Standard

The Bleyer Lindy Hopper Strap (BS7141), Jitterbug Teeny (BS7140), Rock’n’Roll (BS7134), Plain Casual (BS7530) and Boogie Woogie (BS7130) styles all use The Spin Spot Sole as standard. Other sole options, including suede and EVA (both with and without a heel) and cell rubber, are normally available as a custom order.

Suede Sole

Suede leather soles are great for dancers of intermediate and advanced abilities because you can moderate how they feel for dancing. For a zippy feel simply let the suede pick up dust from the floor and your suede soles will develop a shiny surface. If they ever get too quick for you, brush the suede with a wire brush to get the fibres working harder during your dancing. This increases resistance, thus slowing down your movement and giving you a better chance to stay balanced. It is advised that you do not wear suede soles outside as it can damage them, and they are really tricky to dance in if they get moist as the typical smooth gliding feel disappears.

Bleyer Rock’n’Roll shoes (BS7132) are produced with a flat suede sole as an off the shelf option. Suede soles, either completely flat or with a small heel can be selected as a custom sole option on many other Bleyer styles for an extra fee.

... Or Pick a Different Sole

Whilst most people love the standard sole with this shoe, some people have a particular favourite Bleyer sole. It’s possible to make a custom order, adding your favourite sole to the shoe style of your choice. Here is the list of sole types that could be available:

  • Cell Rubber Sole, all black
  • Spin Spot Sole, either all black or all white
  • EVA Sole, either flat or with a small heel, and with either a black or white visible edge
  • Suede sole, either flat or with a small heel, and with either a black or white visible edge

Purchase options will be shown on this listing. Please note that custom orders are subject of a delay of 4-8 weeks, there is an additional charge and we cannot accept cancellations, amendments or returns once the order is placed. If you are unsure of your Bleyer size, please order a standard order to test for size and then return it in line with our returns policy before proceeding with your custom order.

Custom Uppers

Don’t fancy the standard colour or finish option? If you’re looking for a unique colour combination, we can help! You can make a special order with any colour combinations. Different material options are available too… so, for example, most colours are available in genuine matt leather as well as matt or patent finish synthetic leather alternatives, which makes some styles a vegan-friendly choice.

Custom orders are one-off productions so they take a little longer and there is a surcharge, get in touch to find out more!

As each custom order is produced to your specific requirements there are special terms that you need to agree before we proceed.

  1. Each customisation carries an additional fee, the order must be paid in full prior to production commencing
  2. There can be no cancellations, order amendments or refunds once the order has been placed. (If you are uncertain of your Bleyer you can order a standard product to test for size, return it for refund in line with our returns policy and then proceed with the custom order).
  3. There will be a delay for production, normally 4-8 weeks prior to dispatch, but this is for guidance, not a guarantee. If you have a deadline then please contact us to discuss whether it is achievable.

Please note that, generally, patent synthetic material is firmer and holds its shape better than matt leather. Within the range of matt leather colours, the black matt leather material tends to be firmer than the matt leathers used for other colour options, which are softer. This can mean that non-black leathers can feel very slightly roomier by comparison.

How They Fit

Order At Least One Size Larger Than Standard Euro Sizes

Bleyer shoes are marked with European sizes but they always fit at least one size smaller than typical European sizes. So, for example, if you normally wear a European 38 you would probably want a Bleyer 39. This works for most people but a very small proportion of people require 2 sizes smaller than standard European. (Nobody ever requires their standard Euro size.)

Unisex Shoe Last

Bleyer Boogie Woogie (7130), Rock’n’Roll (BS7132 & BS7134), Lindy Lace Up (BS7135), Saddle (BS7139) and Plain Casuals (BS7530) are all produced on Bleyer’s Unisex last so they all fit the same as each other. Being unisex, we tend to find that most ladies have no problem with width and gents with narrow and standard width feet can also purchase with confidence. For wider shoes please consider the Bleyer Charleston (BS753901).

International Shoe Size Conversions

These shoes are produced with whole Bleyer sizes, but we retail to purchasers across the globe so we have used our experience to translate the Bleyer sizes to different international sizing systems. This is by no means perfect and we welcome all feedback to improve our information. There are no Bleyer half sizes, in the translation approximations that means that there are half sizes in some, but not all, other international sizing systems.

This is simply as a result of the translations, so if your feet are a half size that is not listed, we would normally suggest that you select the next half size up. If you’re still not sure which size to select please call or email for advice. Although we are confident that these translations work for most people, this information is not a guarantee and should be used as a guide only.


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